We have relationships with many of the top current vendors in cyber security. Tarcsys offers a full line of enterprise-class security products that span solutions in many areas of security. Organizations today need a variety of security solutions to maintain an effective and responsive security posture.

Scanning and Filtering

These products scan your network for vulnerabilities. Specific products are available for scanning databases and ensuring that the workstations and servers on your network are in compliance with your organization’s security policy.

Firewalls and VPN

Firewalls protect your network from outside attack while allowing your organization to access the Internet and other networks. Virtual private networking (VPN) allows employees and branch offices to securely access your network from across the Internet.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security products secure PCs and laptops. Most products include a personal firewall, IDS, and typically offer anti-virus and anti-spyware protection. For encryption products please visit our Encryption department.

Network Access Control

Initial attempts of users and devices to access a network can be restricted by Network Access Control (NAC). Access to the network is only permitted by compliance of network policies, endpoint security checks, and other security criteria.

Data Loss Prevention

Use DLP products to discover the location of sensitive data in your enterprise and monitor its movement. DLP is increasingly becoming part of regulatory compliance for sensitive information.


Encryption products for sensitive information. Encrypt email, sensitive files, or entire hard drives. With recent news about sensitive data being lost on laptops, encryption is becoming a crucial need.

Log Management and SIEM

Logging tools to help identify and respond to network attacks, suspicious behavior and policy violations.


These products monitor intrusion attempts and port scans of your network. Intrusion detection is your inside defense to detect hackers who have penetrated your outside defenses, such as firewalls and proxy servers.

Web Server Security

Web servers are becoming the #1 source of Internet attacks in many organizations. Securing Web applications against malware and code injections is a critical piece of today’s layered defense.