Comprehensive Secure Enterprise Assessment (CSEA)

Where Do We Start on Security? What aspects of security are we missing? How do we look on security related procedures, processes, and review?…..


These are questions that many companies have regarding their overall security structure. Many organizations make the mistake assuming that security is simply about the latest security products.


However, true enterprise security spans not only products, but processes, procedures, management, documentation, and other important areas.


Our Comprehensive Secure Enterprise Assessment (CSEA) incorporates a service management approach that not only deals with the technical aspects of information security.


How We Do It

We begin by first examining the current state of your security.

Second, we we define what your future state should look like and identify the gaps between that and your current state.

Third, we provide a roadmap detailing scope and targets/goals of the work to reach the future state while providing assistance and resources (Tarcsys or external if necessary) as well.

In order to be a comprehensive assessment, the CSEA will need to cover a variety of areas in your security organization.

The assessment will consist of research and review of the following areas of your organization:

    1. Policies and Procedures
    2. Documentation
    3. Staff Training Programs for Privacy and Security Awareness
    4. Business Continuity Plans
    5. Service Agreements for Cloud Services Review
    6. Data Governance and Data Classification
    7. Risks
    8. Incident and Breach Response Plans
    9. Compliance Requirements (specific to organization field/industry)