Tarcsys Corporation | Virtual Security Staffing Solutions
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For an organization to build, maintain, grow, and evaluate its security structure you need permanent staff that are aware of your network, policies, and overall security posture. In many cases,  organizations do not have qualified staff to perform these functions and need consultant-level expertise added on a permanent basis.

What is the Tarcsys VSSS?

The Virtual Security Staffing Solutions (VSSS) will provide your organization with a high level IT security and compliance consultant who serves as your organization’s trusted adviser.


While Tarcsys offers other services and assessments to clients, our VSSS combines the expertise of an outside consultant with a dedicated, named individual or team who will come to know your staff, your network, and your policies.


The VSSS process involves Tarcsys performing an initial consultation and review of your current security organization. Next we propose how our consultant(s) can best integrate with your staff and create a monthly subscription model for our services.

VSSS Subscription Benefits

As part of your subscription you get the benefit of all of our expertise, all of our services, all of our certifications, and all of our tools.


In some cases the VSSS consultant(s) can perform these individually. In other instances, they will serve as a liaison to require and advocate for other resources in Tarcsys.


The monthly subscription model is cost effective as it involves the below characteristics:

Fixed Monthly Cost

Established minimum monthly usage

Subscription terms of 3 months, 6months and 1 year